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Friday, November 1, 2013

Colour branding....

My Five Star Frugal strategy today, is to use colour to create an illusion of luxury.

I'm a Coco Chanel fan. I've read about her, watched docos about her, and I find her fascinating.

Alas, I cannot afford Chanel in my life, apart from this wallet I got at the oppy for $8, which isn't a real one, but it is a very nice copy, thankyou.

I can though, incorporate Chanels' distinctive black and white branding, into my life.

So white dinner plates and black serviettes with beautiful serviette rings...pearl if you please...homemade.

Black and white striped cushions on my sofa.

Coffee cups with black, white and gold accents.

A quilted white bolster cushion with black tassels and gold ribbon trim.

A little bit of the Chanel feel, for no cost...or very little at least.

If you're a Tiffany lover, then go for mint and black, Dolce and Gabbana perhaps over the top gold chain embellishments and more gold, Hermes would be some restrained tan and equestrian motifs, and Dior, well...I'm thinking black lace.


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